The Access workbook

The core concepts of database design and construction are an order of magnitude more difficult to grasp than those of word processing or spreadsheet applications. The WARP! Computer Training MS-Access workbook provides a practical grounding in the fundamentals of relational database design and management. To help students along what can be a relatively steep learning curve, the course focuses on the hands-on creation of a small relational database via logical step-by-step exercises. Comprehension of the courseware is enhanced via screen shots of the database components being constructed and assembled. Courseware for Access 2010, Access 2007, Access XP 2002, Access 2003, Access 2000 and Access 97.

Table of contents: (Access 2010 courseware)

Chapter What your students will learn

Creating a Database
  • Getting Started - Starting Access
  • Creating and Saving a New Database
  • Planning a Database
  • Creating a Table
  • Adding Fields
  • Setting a Primary Key
  • Changing the Data Type of a Field
  • Saving a Table
  • Renaming a Table
  • Viewing a Table in Datasheet mode
  • Entering Data into a Table
  • Navigating through a Table
  • Closing a Table
  • Creating a Form
  • Entering data into a Form
  • Closing a Form
  • Saving a Form
  • Modifying the data in a Table
  • Selecting a Record
  • Selecting a Field
  • Selecting All Records and Fields
  • Replacing text in a Table
  • Deleting data from a Table
  • Macro Security - Enabling Content
  • Trust Center - Clearing Trusted Documents
  • Enabling Macros for this session

Using Forms
  • Modifying a Form
  • Changing Views (Form, Layout and Design)
  • Changing the Data Type of a field
  • Adding a Default Value to a field
  • Creating Controls on a form
  • Modifying Controls via its Property Sheet
  • Adding a Record using a form

Modifying a Database
  • Modifying Field Properties in a table
  • Changing an Input Mask
  • Modifying Field Properties in a form
  • Modifying Field Layout in a table (Datasheet and Design view)

Relating Tables
  • Adding tables to a database
  • Adding a Foreign Key to a table
  • Creating a One-to-Many Relationship
  • Enforcing Referential Integrity
  • Adding a Combo Box Control
  • Using the Combo Box Wizard
  • Using a Subtable to add a record
  • Using the Date() Expression as a Default Value
  • Setting multiple Primary Keys
  • Creating a Many-to-Many Relationship

Creating Sub Forms
  • Creating a Subform
  • Embedding a Subform in another form
  • Saving a form with Subform

Adding Expressions
  • DLookUp Expression
  • Using [F9] to update calculated fields
  • Using a formula to calculate a Subtotal

  • Creating a Query
  • Adding Tables to a Query
  • Adding Fields to a Query
  • Hiding a Field from a Query result
  • Saving a Query
  • Creating a Query to use in a Form Control
  • Combining two table fields in a Query field
  • Using the Combo Box Wizard to add a Query to a Control
  • Using a Query to calculate a Total
  • Using DLookUp to add a Query result to a Text Box
  • Updating the display
  • Creating a Crosstab Query

  • Using the Label Wizard to Create Mailing Labels
  • Adding Fields to a Label Wizard Report
  • Saving a Report
  • Viewing the Report's design
  • Creating a Grouped Report

Using Help
  • Starting Help
  • Table of Contents
  • Search Offline Help
  • Search Online Help
  • [F1] Help