TrainPack: a complete D.I.Y. training package.

Office XP cd

Download. Print. Train. That's how easy it is to begin your own computer application training courses with our Office and Windows courseware.

TrainPack is a printable collection of training manuals for Windows® and Office® in PDF format. Each manual leads your learners step-by-step through the essential skills they need to be effective computer users. Download the set. Print out unlimited copies. Train.

I needed quality training materials for teachers and spent approximately 4 weeks looking for suitable courseware. I chose TrainPack computer training workbooks because the material seemed user friendly for teachers who were novice computer users. more...

Pat Donahue
Prince William County Schools
Manassas, VA

...I began searching the web for companies that could provide me with training materials I could use to setup an in-house training program. Within the first week of on-off searching and review of different products, I found TrainPack had by far the best overall training program at a great price. more...

VM Barana
Anaheim, CA